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the femme lex cohort

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Could you imagine a life where you, your daughter, your mother, sister, or aunt never had the opportunity to realise their dreams? Can you imagine knowing that they possessed the intelligence to do so, but were only met with crushing obstacles? Sad and frustrating to think about, isn’t it?  This is the reality for our young, aspiring mentees, and millions of disadvantaged girls across the world. Moreover, young women in small island developing states such as the Caribbean, and in developed countries such as America and Europe STILL face dire inequities to reach career, mentorship, and employment opportunities in the legal field.

We are changing that.

The Femme Lex Cohort is a fully funded, virtual, eight (8) week Mentorship Programme. Participants are female students aged 18 and over. Our prestigious alumni will be selected from the most promising legal students and enthusiasts across the globe. We welcome all eligible to apply: but special priority is given, but not limited to, young women from:

  • Small Island Developing States

  • Developing Countries

  • Marginalized and disadvantaged communities globally

  • Marginalised communities within developed countries

  • Students of Colour

We are seeking applicants who are current students and graduates of Bachelors of Law, Masters of Law, Doctorate of Law (Phd.) or their equivalent. We also welcome new Attorneys-At-Law, called to the Bar in the past 1-5 years to apply as well. We believe Education should have no borders, therefore we encourage applications worldwide. 

Our aim is to produce updated, sensitive and qualitative data with regard to disadvantaged groups in the sphere of Law, Education and Entrepreneurship who will face racism, sexism and ageism throughout their careers. It will provide the environment for new/improved best practises in legal education and internships. It will provide reports, recommendations, action plans and feedback critical for improvement and future legislation in this regard. 


The programme will do its part  to remedy the current issues in the legal education system. We aim to produce well rounded potential and current law students, who will be competent bio-psycho-socially, to attempt and complete studies in the field of Law, while simultaneously gaining the soft skills, entrepreneurship, and networking required for success.

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