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Within The Femme Lex Cohort, our goal is to create an atmosphere of team work, resilience and genuine FUN for our FLC Ambassadors! To this end, we have created two compulsory challenges that will last the duration of the Programme. 


Our #LexReflect Challenge and #LexImpact Challenge are carefully formulated to encourage teamwork amongst Ambassadors, reflection, inflection, reinforcement of concepts,

goal-setting, local and global philanthropy!


The #LEXReflect

Instagram Challenge 


Our FLC Ambassadors will participate in a fun, weekly Activity challenge where they will upload to Instagram discussing five things learnt from their Mentorship and BYBT Sessions.


The most creative #LEXReflect pieces that follow the instructions accurately, will be chosen for exciting prizes at the end of the Mentorship Programme!  Video? Comics? Animation? Photos? Collages? Tik Toks (uploaded to Instagram)?!


It’s truly up to you! 


#LexReflect Pieces each week will be reviewed by Founder Gabrielle Gay, and will be judged on the following rubric:



5 marks for following posting instructions (including the FLC page tags and hashtags as provided above)

5 marks for accuracy of the information

5 marks for quality

5 marks ease of understanding and overall look 

5 marks for creativity. 



The CORRECT #LexReflect caption to use weekly is: 

#LexReflectChallenge #FLCAmbassador This week in the _femmelexcohort , I learnt.png

The top three #LexReflect Challenge Winners  will be revealed and awarded at the end of the Programme, on The Femme Lex Cohort Graduation Day!

The #LEXImpact Challenge


The Femme Lex Cohort is honoured to be the first Programme in the Caribbean Americas to officially partner with the global Impactr app!

 Impactr is a social video-sharing platform where you can make an impact! Watch, discover, and act on everyday actions that add together to make a collaborative global impact. Visit the Impactr Website and download the app here:


Each week our FLC Ambasssadors will create positive “actions” within the app.


The FLC Cohort Ambassador with the most “ripples” in the App will WIN an official one week  internship with Impactr, learning firsthand about the legal behind the scenes of creating a global app, Intellectual Property, partnership with global entities such as the United Nations, Marie Claire, Thred Mag and more!

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